Our company was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Department of Tooling of Zakłady Automatyki “POLNA” Co. under the name of Zakład Produkcji Narzędzi i Urządzeń Technicznych “NARZĘDZIOWCY-POLNA” Ltd.  We are currently a company with 100% private capital and operate under the name of Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy “NARZĘDZIOWCY” Ltd.

The product portfolio includes
• automation controls:
– pressure reducers and regulators
– differential pressure regulators
– shut-off valves
– blowdown  and desalination valves for boilers
• technological tooling
• workshop aids

In order to meet requirements of our Customers, we constantly improve our skills, develop the potential of our Company, employ competent staff and qualified employees. All our activities are aimed at complying with Customers’ demands and achieving their contentment and trust.

We offer products and services of high quality and reliability owing to the implemented  Quality Assurance System based on the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009 international standard – Certificate of Quality Management System No. 853/4/2012 issued by PCBC, and also owing to our Quality System in accordance with the requirements specified in module D1 of 97/23 / EC Directive – Certificate of Approval No. 26171 / JN / 001/07 issued by UDT-CERT No. 1433. Our reducers and regulators can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the requirements specified in 94/9 / EC  Directive – EC Type-Certificates  No. OBAC 05 ATEX 230X, 231X, 232X, 333X issued by OBAC.

We also have been awarded the Hygienic Certificate No. HK / W / 0499/01/2009 for pressure reducers and regulators issued by NIZP-PZH.

Additionally, we have been granted the Certificate No. ГОСТ Р Nr РОCС РL.АЯ45.В05797 by the NASTHOL Certification Centre in Moscow admitting our products to trading in the Russian market and ROSTEHNADZOR license No. РPC 00-042076 to operate in hazardous zones.

We hope that our offering will meet your expectations.

Z poważaniem
mgr inż. Janusz Buben