Pressure regulators are designed to maintain set-up, constant pressure difference in process installations, which are connected  in series to regulator’s valve outlet. Regulators are adjusted to steam, liquids and infl ammable gases.


Regulator comprises three main units:a single-seated valve:
• valve (1) with pressure-balanced plug and stem with bellows seal,
• diaphragm actuator (2),
• ontrol pressure adjuster (3).


• steel and stainless steel materials used
• maintenance-free bellows seal ensures high efficiency of the reducer
• high tightness of the shut-off due to the application of plugs with PTFE, EPDM and NBR sealings
• design reducing the noise level
Diaphragm actuator can have the following effective diap ragm area: 100 cm2, 160 cm2, 320 cm2, depending on the pressure difference required.
Actuator is connected to the valve through adjuster set (which consists of a spring /s/ with spring spacers). Valve’s and actuator’s stems are sealed by means of elastic bellowsmade from stainless steel. The bellows do not require service during operation. Regulator’s valve is open on power failure.


The spring tension should be such as to allow for equilibrium of forces, when pressure difference achieves its set-up value. If the set-up value is exceeded, equilibrium of forces gets disturb, which causes valve plug to close and regulated pressure to drop down to its set-up value.


  1.  In order to avoid excess noise, it is recommended to maintain pr (abs) > ½ p zas (abs).
  2.  Kvs values of regulators are selected by the manufacturer according to individual needs of Customer.
  3.  Please advise regulated pressure of the regulator while ordering, and the regulator will be set accordingly
Technical data
Regulator’s SizeDN 15; 20; 25; 32; 40; 50; 65; 80; 100; 125; 150; 200;
Nominal pressurePN 16; 40
Kvs coefficientKvs 0,6 ... 250 m3/h
Max. fluid temp0 / +240°C
Setting ranges0,1 ... 5,6 bar
Flow characteristicsliniowa
Leakage class• IV class PN-EN 60534-4
• VI class PN-EN 60534-4
Body Materials• GP240GH (1.0619)
• GX5CrNiMo 19-11-2, (1.4408)
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